The course focuses on imparting core digital marketing skills, train students hands-on and help them develop personality traits to suit the agency culture. Candidates are exposed to all the latest facets of Digital marketing during the course.


Our curriculum is co-created with industry leaders to match highest strategic expectations of global businesses. After being in the industry for over 9 years, we have meticulously crafted the curriculum to develop a successful digital marketer in 22nd century. We follow industry execution style to prepare every individual ready to start their journey from day one of our digital marketing course.

Whether you’re a freelance designer, entrepreneur, employee for a company, student, or looking for new ways to make money— this module gives you an immensely valuable skill that will enable you to either – make money on the side or create a full-time income or save tons of money by not getting scammed in paying lakhs for building a website. WordPress developers have options. Many developers make a generous living off of creating custom WordPress themes and selling them on websites like ThemeForest. Freelance designers and developers can also take on WordPress projects and make an extra $1,000 – $5,000+ per month. This module helps you exactly how to get started and become an awesome website developer without actually learning coding.

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If you want to become a professional media buyer, then mastering Facebook and Instagram Ads is your first step. You don’t have to literally spend thousands and thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising to see results–if you do it right.

That’s where the obligr method comes in. This award-winning method teaches you exactly how to align your message and objectives throughout the entire new customer digital journey. At the same time, it helps you with increased conversions and decreased costs.

1) Understand the new customer journey so you can properly structure your Facebook ad campaigns for success.

2) Structure a sustainable and scalable Facebook marketing campaign that generates less expensive traffic, leads, and sales while also lowering your risk of an ad account shutdown.

3) Find out what ads perform best with using Split Tests and optimising for the top performing ads to avoid increased costs.

4) Advertise on Instagram platform.

5) Generate leads in two taps with Lead Ads and automate using the tricks taught in automation and sales funnel modules.

6) Target website visitors, Facebook fans or email subscribers Custom Audiences and also Target people who are like your existing customers with Lookalike Audience

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Learn an amazing framework designed by the Team of obligr and get a full suite of execution tactics to follow so you’re always running ads that hit the right targets and get you the results you need. Digital Scholar’s Team has spent more than 1,000,000$ over the years for clients on google ads and the team understands what works and how to hit those golden keywords. Google Ads could be your business’ best growth strategy.. You just need to know how to execute your campaigns properly.

This module will teach you a proven, industry agnostic framework that’s guaranteed to help you drive consistent revenue growth at your company or for your clients.

How to

  • Set up your AdWords account from scratch
  • Understand PPC temperatures – so you can follow the law of conversion intent
  • Use keywords to your advantage
  • Set up conversion tracking and how to track phone calls from your website
  • Track sales, revenue and form submissions using Google AdWords
  • Take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns
  • Increase Quality Score and decrease your cost per click
  • Be a master of targeting and A/B split testing
  • Find the best optimization routine
  • Scale all types of campaigns – so that you can scale up your campaigns after you’ve achieved better ROAS and CPA

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Twitter is a 'microblogging' system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweetsTweets can be up to 140 characters long and can include links to relevant websites and resources. Twitter users follow other users. If you follow someone you can see their tweets in your twitter 'timeline'.

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YouTuber, also known as a YouTube celebrity, YouTube content creator, YouTube Creator or YouTube personality, is a type of videographer or entertainer who produces videos for the video-sharing website YouTube, sometimes being supported by larger networks.

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  • blog (a truncation of "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). ... Until 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often covered a single subject or topic.

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Welcome to Email Marketing Course Module that will teach you the top email marketing strategies that we use to gain thousands of new email subscribers every month, and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue. We maintain a list of over 213,000 people and we know what works in generating revenue out of them.

Too many people just focus on social media these days. But as you’ll see in this module, email marketing has many unique and powerful advantages and why every business should be focussing on building their list, which is going to be absolutely essential for maximizing your success.

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LEARN & IMPLEMENT search engine optimisation THAT PRODUCES RESULTS! GET YOUR WEBSITE TO THE TOP OF THE MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES! When your potential customers and site visitors search at Google, does your Website appear in the results? After garnering at least 300,000 unique visitors every year to blog, we have developed a 20-step unique framework to crack any blog or website to rank on top of Google’s search engine in the least time possible. At the end of this module you’ll have a firm understanding of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and how you can use it to boost traffic to your site.

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WHM (Web Host Manager) is a control dashboard that gives the user the ability to manage multiple cPanel-based sites. In this article, you're going to learn why you should use WHM and how it can be useful in websites management. What WHM Does? Create, Delete, or Suspend Accounts. Monitoring Servers.

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Are You Ready To Build Your Digital Future?


Selection Process

Professionals, Entrepreneurs and anyone interested in Digital Marketing can apply for the course. Final shortlist is made after a written test and a face to face interview.


To help aspiring candidates achieve their professional, entrepreneurial and career goals through certifications, real-time training and Industry exposure.


The Graduates will emerge with Industry certifications and in depth knowledge in core areas of Digital Marketing to fit in any Industry profile from day one.





obligr offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers basic and unique modules such as wordpress management, agency orientation, reputation management, personal branding & automation.

Yes. We do. We take our placement program as a validation to a job well done. We have tied-up with the best agencies, businesses and organisations as our placement partners.

Yes, it is always better at least to do a basic course in getting a job in the field of digital marketing to be clear in delivering the results on time.


Enquire @ 91888989880. You can expect a prompt response and impeccable guidance.

Reason one would be that it is the only agency-styled institute in the country. Several other reasons include placement assistance, stalwart trainers, fun learning space, case studies, group exercises, amazing guest lectures and more.

Yes. indore is one of the fast digitally growing city in India, which offers a lot of career opportunities with a high salary PA. Thus it is wise to do a course in a reputed institute in indore.

A complete digital marketing course assists one to explore the various fields like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Writing, among many others.

Program Advisor

Darshan Tiwari, Founder of Obligr™ is an entrepreneur, marketer, and consultant. For over 9 years Darshan has helped launch and support many small and large companies to succeed in online business and IT Services. Darshan Tiwari's multi-faceted background ranges from guiding, recruiting, and building start-up companies to consulting and managing clients. His strategic digital marketing solutions and creative approach are out of the Box and unique ideas drive growth and convert complex challenges into actionable to greater ROI & profitability. Darshan Tiwari and his team at Obligr™ are excited to serve you and support the growth of your business. Our mission is to increase our client’s presence in Internet World by having the right mix of expertise to make anything possible. If you want your Internet Presence to become a preferred destination for visitors, customers, and end-user, the thought of managing your brand identity and reputation is really not an option – it’s essential!

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