Social Media Marketing (SSM)

Best Social Media promoting Services for your Business

Yes, Social Media is a Big Deal!

If you’re reading this, that means you have internet access. And if you have internet access, you are almost certainly familiar with social media. How do we know? The numbers don’t lie:

  • As of January 2019, the total world population is 7.7 billion. Of those 7.7 billion, 4.2
    billion use the internet. Of those 4.2 billion users, 3.4 billion are active on social media.
  • The average person has between 6 and 7 social media accounts, and actively uses at least 3 of those accounts.
  • The average person spends upwards of 2 hours on social media every day.

You may be asking the plain question at this point: “So what? I do know that folks use things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube for his or her personal enjoyment and to remain connected with friends, however, what’s that have to be compelled to do with my business?”

Well, here is a couple of a lot of items of information that may interest you:

91% of retail brands use two or a lot of social media channels for advertising and organic promotion.
81% of all small- and medium-sized businesses use some reasonably social media platform
There’s a replacement social media user each ten seconds

This one bear’s continuation – the typical person spends two hours on social media each day!

Why does one would like social media marketing?

Why does one suppose such a lot of businesses operate social media platforms? in a very word, it’s as a result of that’s wherever their target market lives!

But then once more, you most likely wouldn’t have clicked on this page or browse this way if you didn’t have already have a way that your business has to get on social media. And if you sense this, your sensors square measure correct! Here’s a touch additional info to prove the point:

People who use social media tend to examine it multiple times per day

At least twenty-fifth of social media users follow specific businesses or brands

64% of customers square measure additional seemingly to trust a complete if they move completely with customers on social media

Your competition is probably going already victimization social media to market their complete and their business!